holding scorpion in her mouth sets new world record

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It’s a feat worthy of a Bushtucker trial on reality TV show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

But even the likes of I’m A Celebrity winner Joe Swash would be unable – or unwilling – to match this.

Thailand’s Scorpion Queen has set a new world record – by holding a poisonous scorpion in her mouth for just over two minutes.
holding scorpion in her mouth sets new world record

Don’t do it! Thailand’s Scorpion Queen Kanchana Kaetkaew is given a scorpion by her husband Boonthawee Siangwong as she makes her record attempt today

holding scorpion in her mouth sets new world record

Toying with her food: Kaetkaew dangles the scorpion before placing it in her mouth

And Kanchana Kaetkaew, 39, may be able to hold that title for a while – it’s doubtful she will see any challengers any time soon.

Kaetkaew went for the record today in a mall in Pattaya, a city on the Gulf of Thailand known for its nightlife and cabaret.

She was handed the arachnid by her husband – who, coincidentally, is known as the Centipede King – and held it in her mouth for 2mins 1.8secs before spitting it out.
holding scorpion in her mouth sets new world record

Victory: Kanchana Kaetkaew celebrates with her husband, the Centipede King

The pair were married in a haunted house on Valentine’s Day in 2006. The Centipede King – Bunthawee Siengwong, 31 – placed a centipede in her mouth, while she wore a white lace dress covered in scorpions.

Kaetkaew wore a similar dress – also covered in scorpions – for her record-breaking success today.

But the feat wasn’t enough for the ever ambitious Kaetkaew.

Now she has gone on to begin her second world record attempt: entering a glass compound where she hopes to stay for 33 days and nights along with 5,000 scorpions.

But again, the field of competition remains thin. The previous world record 32 days was set in 2002 – by Kaetkaew herself.

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